Online learning holds back lower income students- AIF survey

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Divya Kandwal
June 8, 2020
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With the national lockdown officially over, authorities are poring over ways to open schools and universities safely. However, for the time-being, education has been largely moved online. While adjusting to teaching and learning online (abruptly, with no preparatory exercise) is a challenge, there are far greater obstacles. E-learning via the use of virtual tools (Zoom, Skype etc) comes with its own set of obstacles. Technology offers simple solutions for modern problems. While it is incredibly enabling, it can be limiting too since basic access is a huge challenge is India.  

American India Foundation conducted a pan–India survey about the impact of tech-based education on lower income students.  

Survey Methodology

AIF conducted the survey telephonically during the lockdown.  They surveyed 4403 parents across 12 states to understand the technological access they had to make digital learning possible for their children.  

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Is Online Learning For Lower Income Families A PossibilityDuring Lock Down?

Online learning survey Numr Research
Online learning survey Numr Research

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