Predictive Insight: Our Distinct Advantage

Fusing Feelings and Actions: A Comprehensive View of Customer Experiences.

Predict Customer Moves

Anticipate your customer's next move with scores that blend emotions, interactions, behavior, and loyalty

Translating Delight into Tangible Returns

Pinpoint the precise financial impact of improving each customer journey touchpoint, guiding you where to invest for Maximum profits.

Gravitation is not responsible for  customers ❤️
 falling in love!

-Albert Einstein

Gravitation is not responsible for
 customers  ❤️ falling in love!

-Albert Einstein

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Step 1

Understand their journey from the beginning to now. See how each of your journey points impact your $.

Combining Attitudinal + Behavioral informations


Step 2

Understand their journey from the beginning to now. See how each of your journey points impact your $.

Combining Attitudinal + Behavioral informations

Upgrade Your Customer Experience

AI surveys, smart dashboards, and automated action plans keep us one step ahead in understanding and meeting your customer needs

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Tuned into Your Customers' Every Move

Gathering insights from AI surveys to live chats and sales calls, we offer a 360-degree view of your customer interactions

Conversational AI Driven Surveys
Email, SMS & WhatsApp Surveys
Social media & Forums
Competitive Brand Benchmarks
Customer Support Chats, Website & App

Unified Customer Views for Informed Interactions

Empowering front-line staff with a complete customer snapshot—survey responses, trouble tickets, chats, and more—for genuinely informed engagements

The NUMR Score: Your Churn Prediction Tool

Transforming aggregated customer interactions into actionable churn forecasts, for proactive retention strategies


Linking Customer Touch-points, Forecasting Financial Outcomes

Integrate all customer journey data to see the big picture. Our unique blend of voice and interaction analytics enables precise predictions on financial impact, helping you focus on what truly counts

The Numr Experience Lake: A Mirror to Customer Futures

Marrying customer opinions with interaction data, we reveal how attitudes today shape crucial actions tomorrow, such as renewals, purchases, and support calls

Key Phrases
Count of comments

AI-Driven Precision from Day One

Deploying advanced language models for immediate, pinpoint root cause analysis, reinforced by solid statistical science for actionable next steps

Conversational AI Meets Analytical Power

Beyond surveys — speak individually with customers and leverage AI to perform root cause analysis, enabling organization-wide actionable insights

My Dashboard
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Sales Agent Summary

Role-Specific Dashboards for Every User

User-friendly dashboards adapt to each role and objective within your organization, offering powerful, actionable insights tailored to individual needs

Role based reports
Customer Segment Analysis
Auto Prioritization
Statistically valid data

Automated Action Planning for Customer Resolutions

Effortlessly schedule follow-ups, automate workflows, and escalate issues while identifying the most effective solutions to customer challenges

Prefer to use your own systems?

We integrate with most 1000s of systems to bring the data back to your workflow.

Numr has seen the following outcomes


Increase in Revenue

for a leading airline company


Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)™

for a Leading automobile manufacturer


Reduction in churn

for a prominent life insurance company in India

Trust is the first step to customers ❤️

-Munshi Premchand

Making A Difference

How Toyota-Kirloslar makes customer experience part of its DNA

How IndiaFirst Life used CX insights to make outer loop improvements

How we improved the passenger satisfaction for Jet Airway

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Unlock the full potential of your customer experience and see immediate improvements in sales and customer loyalty

What our customers say?

Numr isn't selling a product, they are selling a philosophy. The team is extremely passionate about driving growth through improved customer experience. They stand with you at every step of the way. And frankly, the results speak for themselves.

Tanmay Bhattacharya

Director, Sales & Marketing and Dealer
Operations Kaizen, Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Numr provides an agile, innovative CX solution that makes working in a collaborative fashion easy. We are a complex organization with offices in around 21 countries. Numr clearly understood our requirements. Their consultancy service along with their cutting-edge platform is what attracted us to them.

Noah Roychowdhury

Head of Customer Intelligence, Colt
Technology Services UK

With Numr, we have a unified map of all customer journeys. Their real-time dashboards help us monitor customer across multiple channels (be it support calls, website visits, etc) and gain a holistic picture of what's really going on.

Meera Rajendran

Head Of Customer Experience
India First Life Insurance

Create “wow!”    experience for your customers

With AI, Numr CXM gauges your customers' emotions and actions, providing you with actionable insights to elevate sales and customer retention