Craft Unforgettable Customer Journeys with NUMR Lite

At NUMR, we understand the power of exceptional customer experiences. That’s the reason we’ve crafted NUMR Lite, our new agile solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of small to medium-sized businesses without the complexities of large-scale systems.

Introducing NUMR Lite

Welcome to the streamlined world of customer experience management. NUMR Lite is simple, efficient, and powerful designed to create impactful customer interactions that drive growth.

Don't Just Meet Expectations, Exceed Them

With NUMR Lite, you’re not just collecting data; you’re starting conversations. Understand the 'why' behind your customers' choices and design experiences that not only satisfy but also delight.

Unlock the Potential of Every Customer Interaction with NUMR Lite

Experience the unmatched synergy of technology and human insight with NUMR Lite. Our subscription plans are not just services, but partnerships in propelling your business forward.

Transform Insights into Action

NUMR Lite - Essential NUMR Lite - Plus
Zero-delay Setups Zero-delay Setups
Customized Surveys Customized Surveys
Include up to 5 Unique Touchpoints Include up to 7 Unique Touchpoints
Email / WhatsApp Communication Email / WhatsApp Communication
Intuitive Dashboards Intuitive Dashboards
Add up to 5 Users Add up to 10 Users
Alert Management System
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Make Every Customer Feel Heard

With NUMR Lite, harness the full potential of AI-powered conversational surveys. Tap into unexplored customer sentiments and anticipate needs before they become demands.

Take the Leap with NUMR Lite

Book a Demo today and see NUMR Lite in action. Elevate your customer experience management with a solution that’s as agile as you are.

Let the journey to exceptional customer experiences begin with us. Welcome to NUMR Lite!

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