A Quick Introduction to Numr's Alert Management System

Alert Management
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Divya Kandwal
August 7, 2020
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Alert Management softwares are all the rage right now. In the context of CX, an Alert Management system centralises alerts (such as a bad feedback or low NPS®) and makes sure that they are seen by the right people.

This makes it easier to act on negative feedback and keep customers happy. In official lingo, this is called ‘Close Looping’. It’s amazingly effective if you want to retain your customers (which you should).

To learn why you must close the loop on customer feedback, go here.

In short, a close looping process goes like this-

  1. You use surveys to ask for customer feedback
  2. Analyse the responses
  3. Flag and raise hot tickets for negative responses  
  4. Transfer them to the concerned team/people
  5. Get in touch with the customer to close the loop

Seems time consuming, doesn’t it? And, imagine how tricky the process would be now when most of us are working from home.  

This is where Numr AMS waltzes in.

With strong emphasis on technology, it automates the 2, 3 and 4th step while making the 1st and the 5th easier.  

Meaning, the system raises automatic hot alerts and triggers whenever you get a negative feedback. This allows the concerned team to quickly resolve issues and massively reduce churn.  

Of course, our no fuss approach extends to Numr Alert Management System. It’s simple, it’s collaborative and it’s automated.  

It comes as a value-added product to our CX program and is the only alert management system that you will ever need.  


Numr Alerts Numr ams dashboard

If you want to read what you can do with Numr AMS in some detail, here’s a previous post.  

Numr AMS makes it super easy to go from negative feedback to quick resolution.

You can also,

  • Create multiple pipelines based on feedback text, sentiment, score etc
  • Easily move tasks between screens (such as from ‘Waiting on Customer’ to ‘Waiting on us’)
  • Add team members to Alerts
  • Assign tasks to other team members.

Numr AMS is not one but several steps ahead of your average alert management system.  

Do you want to see Numr in action?

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