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Quikr Client Story- How Numr improved CX using NPS®

How Numr CXM used NPS® to improve customer experience for Quickr.

Service Rendered- NPS® survey and analysis

Client Name- Quikr

"What appealed to us about Numr was its consultative approach from pitching till the completion of the project and also a tech-driven and agile platform that it had to offer. We were also excited about Numr’s understanding of our cross-category business and felt extremely comfortable with the team from day 1. They provided us with valuable insights and helped us get the most out of our NPS program.”

– Sonali Madbhavi, Quikr

Why Quickr chose Numr

Quikr is a leading online classified platform. Headquartered in Bangalore, it provides listings in over 1000 Indian cities.

Broadly, Quikr has 5 main categories. These are,  

  • Household Goods
  • Real Estate
  • Cars and bikes
  • Jobs, and
  • Services

They wanted us to conduct Net Promoter Score surveys for each of these categories. While they were measuring NPS® internally, they wanted an experienced research company to help them obtain actionable insights and get the most out of the exercise.

Basically, they wanted us upgrade their Customer Experience System by optimizing their NPS® process.

They selected Numr out of the pool of other companies because-

  1. Our platform is entirely agile, automated and tech-driven.
  2. Our approach is superbly consultative.  
quikr client story NPS®


There were two main challenges.

  1. Develop customized NPS® surveys for each vertical/category
  2. Find granular insights that will help in improving the overall customer experience  


To begin with, Numr created customized surveys for two communication channels, emails and SMS. We kept the surveys short yet precise to decrease fatigue and increase the Response Rate. Generally, Response Rate is a great indicator of a company’s relationship with its customers, which is why we focused on increasing it.

We also made feedback instantaneous using our agile, dynamic platform.

Meaning, we sent out automated NPS® surveys immediately after a transaction and promptly collected feedback. This helped our client understand and fix problems as and when they occurred.


With our help, our client was able to make their NPS® program quick, clean and extremely efficient.

We helped make the surveys instantaneous which led to faster and better resolution of complaints.

Ultimately, this helped in fostering a customer-centric environment within the organization and improving the overall customer experience.

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