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How we quickly validated a new product for our FMCG client

How Numr CXM quickly validated a new product for our FMCG client.

Our client is a leading FMCG company based in India. They wanted us to quickly validate a new product they had launched. We’ll call it Product X for the sake of convenience. Since we were also monitoring their channels-partner CX, the required framework was already in place. We used the network of retailers (who are a part of our channels-partner program) to quickly elicit feedback directly from the consumers.


We had two main challenges. These were-

  • Validate Product X within a two-week window
  • Conduct a hyper local evaluation of Product X

The Numr Solution

STEP 1- Leverage our app-based feedback system to survey consumers

Our channels-partner CX program runs on an app-based feedback mechanism. We asked the retailers who are part of our program to install our app. The app captures the phone number of consumers whenever they buy our client’s new product.

STEP 2- Survey the consumers

Then, we sent a WhatsApp survey to the consumers who had bought Product X. They were encouraged to reply with the incentive of coupons that could be redeemed at the retailer.

This allowed us to conduct a hyper-local and comprehensive research about Product X’s uptake, features, and the reason behind purchase.


  1. We conducted a complete evaluation of Product X in less than 2 weeks.
  2. Aided our client in new product development by discovering the reason behind Product X’s purchase

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