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How to Use NPS® to Drive Growth for Smartphones

How Numr CXM uses NPS to boost growth for our smartphone client.

NPS® or Net Promoter Score® is an essential metric for the smartphone industry. Presently, the smartphone market is saturated with choices. Additionally, the many options available mostly possess similar product features. In a case such as this, brand strength and customer experience become crucial to stand apart from one’s competitors.  

Therefore, an effective NPS® program is key to managing Customer Experience and building brand loyalty.  

Customer Touchpoints

Mainly, there are three touchpoints in the smartphone industry where a customer directly interacts with a brand. These are-


It is extremely important to ensure that customers are being listened to and satisfied at all these touchpoints. Therefore, a company must send transactional surveys immediately after each interaction. This will help evaluate everything that is happening in real time.  

Official Stores

This is the point of sale. Some of the factors that any smartphone brand must evaluate post this interaction are-  

  • Whether the store has enough employees to answer customer queries
  • If the models shown to the customers were those that they had asked for  
  • Whether the customers were able to get the price point they were looking for, and many others

The evaluation of this touchpoint is based on how effectively the frontline employees were able to meet the requirements of the customers.

An NPS survey must be sent immediately after the transaction. In case the survey comes back negative, a trouble ticket is raised, and the responsible sales managers are notified. Furthermore, this survey should provide scores at the level of the sales stores, so that the brand can identify which stores are doing well and which are not.

Customer Support

When customers call the support in order to discuss a problem, it is incredibly important to ensure that they feel heard.  

Usually, smartphone companies outsource their customer support to call centres. However, for every call that gets closed, the company can and should generate an NPS survey. This will allow the company to produce reports about the vendors that are doing well and the ones that are not. Consequently, this will help in identifying problem and improvement areas. Additionally, a company can also create reports for each customer service representatives to further discern oncoming issues.

Support centers/ Repair

This is usually the last touchpoint and therefore, extremely significant for customer retention and reducing Churn. The customer feedback solicited here is similar to the feedback requested after a Sales transaction. However, it is important to send NPS surveys at least 48 hours after the transaction. Reason being, this allows the customers to reaffirm that their problem was solved.  

A strong, well-implemented NPS program can make substantial difference to the CX initiative of a smartphone company. For instance, Numr Research’s platform incorporates all this and more to provide real time reports to all managers, at their level. Furthermore, it provides the company with granular, individualised and highly actionable reports.  

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