Predict sales & reduce churn

NumrSense AI is the ultimate prediction engine. It predicts which customers are most likely to churn and why, cutting down weeks of tedious research and analysis. Discover sales opportunities and future performance with Numr.​

Predict customer behavior with AI

We use machine learning, predictive analytics, and your historical data to foretell customer behavior. Numr Sense AI develops models based on historical trends and uses them to predict churn, revenue, potential customers, and more.

Predict purchase possibility​

Focus your resources to target customers with the highest chance of upselling/cross-selling.
For instance, Numr leverages predictive analytics to tell you which customers have the biggest possibility of buying. Follow up with digital customers who have been going through your website and are primed for conversion.​

Predict customer churn

Automatically identify at-risk customers and develop action plans. Numr uses your experience data to predict customers who are about to churn. This gives your team enough time to put processes in place and rescue high-value customers. Understand the issues driving large-scale churn and solve them.

Predict future performance

Find your future revenue. Numr leverages regressions and relationship NPS® to predict your financials. Uncover what impact a 5% increase in your satisfaction score will have on your bottom-line.

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