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How IndiaFirst Life used CX insights to make outer loop improvements

IndiaFirst Life is a life insurance provider based in India. The company’s key differentiator is its simple, easy-to-understand products that are fairly priced and efficiently serviced. With the help of Numr, the company wanted to establish a comprehensive, centralized CX program. IndiaFirst Life also wanted to use CX insights for outer loop prioritization and structural improvements.


Mainly, IndiaFirst Life wanted to-

1. Use CX data to identify key issues and opportunities

2. Understand root cause of their NPS® score

3. Prioritize action and construct solutions for CX issues

The Numr Solution


  • Setting up the surveys
  • Mapping all customer journeys
  • Drivers analysis, and
  • Comment analysis

Website emerged as an area of concern for IndiaFirst Life.

Website is an important driver. It has a fairly high impact on NPS® but the satisfaction is quite low.

When we analyzed the data, we discovered that ‘Website’ was an underlying concern and had scope for improvements.

For HNI customers, website again emerged as a high impact, low satisfaction driver.

Similarly, when we compared digital modes of buying a policy with physical modes, the data again pointed at improving the website. This is important because website and self-service options are what customers use when they first look up policies.

Numr relayed this data to IndiaFirst Life and they immediately started working on it.


Using specific and actionable insights, IndiaFirst Life

1. Reduced complaints to website support by improving the ‘policy documentation’ process.

2. Improved customer satisfaction by making it easier to pay premiums

3. Created an environment of customer-centricity in the company

In conclusion, IndiaFirst Life has seen a significant reduction in the number of complaints by leveraging customer insights.

Employees and agents can’t make outer loop changes themselves. Therefore, when a company like IndiaFirst Life creates outer loop improvements, it makes employees and agents feel supported. This inspires confidence in a company’s commitment to support employees and prioritize customers.

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