Jul 29, 2019


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Divya Kandwal

Survey- Do Indians spend money on Health and Wellness?


India is waking up to fitness, health and wellness in a big way. Lifestyle illnesses (also called Non-Communicable Diseases) have been continually on the rise in the last few years. In fact, according to a report by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the “estimated proportion of all deaths due to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) has increased from 37.09% in 1990 to 61.8% in 2016.” Therefore, we conducted a survey to investigate how urban Indians are planning on tackling the rise of NCDs by asking about their health and wellness spends.  Particularly, preventative measures and better food habits seem to be the epicenter of the attention, as they very well should be.

Hence, see the information NUMR uncovered below-


Do you do anything for health and wellness, and prevent common lifestyle diseases (like obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc)?


What practices do you undertake to stimulate health and wellness, and prevent NCDs?

To summaries, when asked to choose what they partake in to prevent NCDs-

  • the majority 64% claimed that they engage in physical activities and exercise. This includes playing sports, going to the gym or doing yoga regularly.
  • Additionally, 51% people reported that they try to follow a proper diet and cultivate healthy food habits.
  • And, only 26% people claimed to go for routine health check-ups.
  • Furthermore, 18% of total respondents reported that they do all of the above mentioned practices.
  • However, 2% reported that they do none of the above.

Evidently, the Indian health and wellness industry is poised for a massive transformation. Furthermore, rising disposable household income, awareness around health and rising lifestyle ailments plaguing Indians are some of the causes driving this transformation. In fact, according to a report, Google registers around 23 million search for Fitness centers every day.

How much do you spend every month on health and wellness?

See below some interesting health and wellness findings-

millennials health numr
health and wellness survey

To conclude, as echoed by Numr Research’s survey, Indian Preventative Health and Wellness Industry is growing massively. After all, it is estimated to be around USD 100 billion by 2022, growing at the CAGR of 18%. Interestingly, Healthy consumption (30%) and fitness (27%) form the largest segments of this industry.



Online Panel.

A total of 500 respondents across various demographics were surveyed. These respondents all belonged to the top 8 cities, namely Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai and were at least 22 years of age, at the time of answering the survey. These respondents were affluent, tech savvy urbanites who routinely use OTT platforms, are extremely health conscious and keenly aware of changing market trends.

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