Sep 26, 2019


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Divya Kandwal

Steps that help companies improve their Net Promoter Score®


Many companies across the world now use Net Promoter Score® to measure and manage Customer Experience. Net Promoter Score® is a metric used for calculating Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. It is based on a seemingly simple question. That is, “How likely are you to recommend us (Product/service) to your friends or colleagues?”

Net Promoter Score® scale Numr Research Text Analytics customer feedback

Importantly, Net Promoter Score® is not a terminal figure. Since, it can go up or down continuously, it is dynamic. NUMR, customer experience management (CXM) company, suggests these easy yet incredibly effective steps to improve your Net Promoter Score®. Basically, listening to your customers is the easiest way to boost your NPS®.

Steps to improve Net Promoter Score®

1. Follow up and Close Loop with Detractors and Passives

As per a report, only 10% of all companies that collect customer feedback use it. Notably, NPS® is not an exercise in collecting statistic. Therefore, it is extremely essential to devise a Follow up Strategy to get the most out of your NPS® program. Since, Customer feedback often gets lost in the void of incomprehensible data, use NPS® to respond to feedback. To do this, trigger alarms when someone gives a low score, contact them quickly and effectively close loop.

Unquestionably, Close Looping is the most effective way to turn Detractors into Promoters and increase your NPS®.

This is how Numr used Text Analytics for effective Close Looping.

2. Decrease Response Time

Because, NPS® provides real-time feedback, it makes it easier to quickly respond to customer issues. Usually, long response time can further deteriorate a customer’s (especially Detractors and Passives) relationship with company. Conversely, swiftly solving customer problems increases Loyalty and turns them into Promoters.

3. Ask your Promoters for Feedback

Although, it may seem wise to focus on the Detractors and ignore the Promoters, it’s a mistake. Since, Promoters are loyal customers, they can offer deep insights into what you’re doing right. Further, use this feedback to improve Customer Experience and convert Detractors into Promoters. Additionally, ask Promoters for suggestions and improvements to retain and not alienate them.

4. Empower your Frontline

Unarguably, Frontline employees are the faces that customers interact and transact with the most.  Moreover, frontline employees are the experiences that customers remember. Therefore, giving them the authority to act truly allows them to turn Detractors into Promoters.
Hence, Numr's NPS® platform provides real-time feedback to all employees at their level to empower them.

5. Monitor your NPS® continuously

Net Promoter Score is dynamic. Since, it is dependent on the strategies that you have put in place, it changes as those strategies change. In the case of NPS®, slacking off is hazardous. Additionally, it is not a one-time exercise. Customer Loyalty doesn’t just have to be earned but retained as well.  Therefore, companies must monitor NPS® continuously to make improvements in their CX initiative.

To conclude, improving your NPS® depends on how well you can listen to your customers and act on that feedback.

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