Aug 26, 2020


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Divya Kandwal

How to obtain customer feedback in 20 sec- NPS® 2.0



Text Analytics

Obtaining feedback from your customers has never been as crucial as it is now. And yet, all you need is 20 seconds of your customer’s time. In just 2 questions, you can find out what your customers truly think of you.  

Presenting NPS® 2.0

All CX professionals know about the Net Promoter Score. Developed by Fred Reichheld, it is a popular CX tool used to measure customer loyalty. In his book, The Ultimate Question 2.0, Reichheld shows that

The path to true business growth is through sustainable ‘good profits’ derived from consistently delivering a customer experience worthy of loyalty. (Source)

(Also, if you’d like to read about the origin of NPS®, click here)

Now, we have been using NPS® to manage Customer Experience for quite a while. However, with Numr CXM takes it a step ahead. We use a two-question survey to find out customer sentiment after an important transaction.  

20 Sec Customer Feedback

The first question is the classic NPS® question.

Net Promoter Score® scale Numr Research Text Analytics customer feedback

However, the second question is an open-ended compulsory text box.  

customer feedback nps® net promoter

We then used Text Analytics to analyze the comment data and discover emerging issues that your customers might be facing.  

With Data Science and AI,  

Numr|CX automatically categorizes your customers’ comments using learnings across millions of surveys.

Moreover, our advanced statistical methods help you understand the areas (factors) that have the biggest impact on your customer experience. (Read about how we perform Driver’s Analysis, here)

Then, we use this data to predict the impact your customer efforts on your financials.

Ultimately, it all comes down to this. How well you can understand your customers without asking them to spend time a lot of time on giving feedback.

Long surveys usually have a poor response rate and are sometimes inaccurate. Our 2 questions-20 second survey allows you to obtain granular feedback without tiring your customers. The insights derived from the survey are actionable, we just do all the heavy work for you.  

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