Mar 18, 2020


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Divya Kandwal

Customer support in the time of Covid-19


The Coronavirus pandemic is surging and growing worse every day. While, it’s important not to over-react to the situation (please don’t hoard toilet paper /face masks) since it is being contained fairly (at the time of writing this blog), nonetheless, it’s alarming. Here’s a Coronavirus Stimulator showing how Coronavirus is spreading EXPONENTIALLY and can be slowed down.  

With over 199,338 cases around the world so far, it is undeniable that it has disrupted our lives in major ways. The Stock market is crashing. Retailers are being forced to close up shops. The hospitality industry has taken a hit. Clearly, online travel companies (like MMT, Yatra etc) and airlines are incurring massive losses. And, all of this is unavoidable. But,

This is not the time to stop serving your customers.  

Infact, don’t sell. Serve.  

In times such as this, when people are scared, panicked, corporations MUST strive to ease their worries, not add to it.  

We’d say that,  

Now is the time to collect customer feedback

Anxious customers provide more feedback. For them, it’s a way to assuage their panic and anxiety. Perhaps, serving your customers, making things easier for them should be the main goal right now.  

Already, a few airlines have waived the cancellation fee and allowed customers to reschedule.  

This tells customers that you see them as more than just dollar signs.

cx in subscription economy coronavirus customer support

Empathy in the time of Covid 19

To feedback or to not feedback? Like we said before, collecting customer feedback even right now, is an overall good practice.  

It will allow you to keenly understand issues that might otherwise not come up. Keeping up with what it is that is the most important for customers (say, wait time) right now will keep in keeping customers more satisfied. Prioritising what it is that customers are most bothered about will go a long way in inciting loyalty.  

During a crisis, customers need a rapid response and quick resolutions. Leaving them in the dark is the worst thing you can do for customer loyalty.  

Customer support in the time of Coronavirus doesn’t need to be drastically different. It merely has to be empathetic and prompt.  

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