Create a multi-channel Digital experience

Providing seamless digital experience is now crucial for business success. This includes websites and mobile apps. Meet your customers where they are to create emotional experiences that leave a lasting impact.​

Evaluate your digital assets​

Monitor the performance of your digital assets (websites and apps). Evaluate them with Numr to check how your customers' browsing is translating into retention and sales.

Be exactly where your customers are

Capture in-the-moment customer feedback at every stage of their journey on your website or mobile app. Create activity-based triggers to improve experience across all digital touchpoints. Uncover omni-channel insights and keep up with your customers’ changing needs.

Overlay browsing data with experience measures

Connect browsing data such as total visits and drop rates with customer experience metrics to re-target primed customers. ​

Predict sales with website browsing behavior

Predict customer conversion based on how they rate your website content. Use Numr to discover the ‘probability conversion score’ of your content such as, a blog, case study, and more. Use our insights to optimize your content and turn potential leads into sales. ​

Easy integration with iOS and android apps ​

Use our SDK to easily integrate Numr Digital with your mobile apps.

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