Optimise every Customer Journey

Capture real-time feedback at every stage of the customer journey. Listen to very single customer across multiple channels to get a holistic picture of what’s going on. Numr gives you the power to create experiences that inspire loyalty at every stage of a customer’s journey.

Track  customer journey​

As a customer interacts with your company, we capture all transactions (touchpoints, digital, physical, social) to create a holistic view of his journey. This lets us predict his future behavior, such as churn and sales with high accuracy.

Capture every single interaction

Capture real-time feedback at every stage of the customer journey. Numr gives you the power to understand your customer's mind and predict future behavior based on a quick snapshot of their journey. ​

Predict future sales probability​

Numr uses predictive analytics and historical data to determine the probabilty of future sales based on your customer satisfaction score.​

View customer journey in CRM

Integrate CX data with your CRM. Gain deeper insight into customer behaviour with a 360° view of their entire experience history directly from your database.

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