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Colt Client Story- Delivering fantastic CX with Net Easy Score

Discovering Net Easy Score

Colt is a multinational telecom company with offices in 21 countries and customers in around 150 countries. Suffice to say, it’s a complex global organization. They contacted Numr to streamline their customer experience initiative.

Colt was already using a CX management platform. However, the platform was rigid, inflexible and did not provide any consulting service. Therefore, the CX data being collected was not being used to obtain actionable insights.

“Numr provides an agile, innovative CX solution that makes working in a collaborative fashion easy. We are a complex organisation with offices in around 21 countries. Numr clearly understood our requirements. Their consultancy service along with their cutting edge platform is what attracted us to them.”

Noah Roychowdhury, Head of Customer Intelligence, Colt Technology Services


We analysed the previous CXM platform and realized,

  1. The set of survey questions being used were a little outdated. In fact, they were using the exact same questions that they have developed at the beginning of the contract. To obtain accurate insights, surveys need to be constantly tweaked and updated.
  2. The old questionnaire was extremely long. This led to Survey Fatigue.
  3. Colt has 4 major business areas- Delivery, Sales, Customer Service and Network Operations. We had to ensure that our Solution worked across all these.

The Numr Solution

STEP 1- Analyse the Response file/ CX data from the past 2 years.

When we ran models, we found out that the Recommendations (NPS®) model was unable to justify transactional survey data (customer sentiment). Which meant that, NPS is not an accurate metric for post-transaction feedback surveys.

STEP 2- Selecting Net Easy as the main metric

We discovered that Net Easy Score is a much better indicator of customer satisfaction after an interaction/transaction.

Think about it. If your customer doesn’t find doing business with you EASY, chances are that he won’t be satisfied. So, we adopted NET EASY as our central question and based our modelling around this.

In short, our modified survey consisted of-

Net Easy Question + Open Comment Box + Drilldowns

STEP 3- Cut down additional questions to 6

The earlier surveys had 10-15 drilldown questions (Speed, Quality of resolution etc.) which made them needlessly lengthy.  

So, we fixed the number at 6. But the trouble was, how to decide which 6 questions to ask?

Basically, we had to find and select 6 factors that have the highest influence on overall rating. So, we again ran models on the data to find those parameters.

STEP 4- Introduce Numr AMS for instant close-looping

We introduced Numr Alert Management System to power Colt employees to take immediate action on customer feedback. Numr AMS is a one-stop solution that helped Colt prioritose Close Looping and the closure of Hot Tickets.


1. We decreased the length of the survey by more than 50% which increased the Response Rate and feedback accuracy. The Response Rate grew by 7%.

2. We established NET EASY as the main metric for Transactional Surveys.

3. Numr, along with Colt employees revamped and sharpened the entire CX initiative.

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