Create your winning Brand

Make your brand iconic by standing out in the competitive landscape. Create an exceptional brand experience by monitoring changes in your market. Identify and meet your customers’ hidden needs to expand your market share.​

Make your Brand stand out

Develop distinctive brand assets by surveying relevant focus groups. We have a huge panel of respondents who are already familiar with you and your competitions’ brand.

Market Space Analysis

An effective brand strategy must include a thorough understanding of your competitive space. Numr monitors your as well as your competition’s brand perception by interviewing relevant target groups. Use this to benchmark and differentiate your brand from the rest.

Optimize Areas That Matter

Discover key features/touchpoints that drive brand value in real-time. We use statistical modelling to identify and prioritize areas that have the highest financial impact. This tells you where to allocate resources for maximum return.

Intuitive brand association

Monitor your brand perception by discovering words and phrases that consumers intuitively associate with you. Develop marketing and sales strategies based on phrases that are unique to your brand to cultivate a unique identify.

Panel Integration

We connect to multiple panels with access to over 8 million people to help you understand what people truly think of your brand

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