Skyrocket growth with nUMR cXM

Our customer experience management (CXM) platform listens to everything your customer are saying across multiple channels. We then leverage our revolutionary AI engine and our team of data scientists to make sure that your business decisions are made with your customers at the very center of your universe.

We believe that your customers are the heroes of your growth story


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How we use Net Easy Score and AI to help Colt deliver exceptional CX

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“Customer experience (CX) considers everything the customer goes through—it’s everything the customer touches, tastes, smells, hears, sees throughout the experience with the brand. It’s being almost obsessive about the experience the customer has with the brand.’
Blake Morgan, Author, Forbes columnist
The NUMR edge to Create that extraordinary customer experience
Step 1
Customer Journey Lake
As we listen to everything your customer is telling you across various channels, we build a ‘Journey Lake’ of opinions, conversations and behaviors.
This lake across billions of customer interactions allows NUMR to deeply understand your customers’ experiences and expectations.
Step 2
Untangles this Interlinked
NUMRSense AI ties it all together- starting from perceptions about your brand to interactions with your store sales agent to what is being said on social media or your chat channels. NumrSense AI can make sense of it all.
Step 3
Improve Your Earned
Growth rate
At the end of the day this customer focus results in a 10X ROI.
With Numr's predictive analytics, dashboards and closed looping tools you can take action that will have a direct measurable impact on your earned growth rates.
Give Every Role
The Power to Delight

Empower your whole organization with a unique dashboard views. Numr’s role-based, insights dashboards make it easy to understand complex CX data, collaborate with your team, and share real-time reports.

CX Insights Professionals

Drive customer-centricity in your organization with data-backed insights. Understand the financial impact of your CX by connecting it to your bottom-line. Monitor your entire CX operation in real-time from our platform.

Franchise/ Group Manager

Deliver consistent customer experience across all your franchises. Track NPS® scores, response rate and total alerts generated. Use Numr to discover emerging issues, view satisfaction trends, and take proactive action.

Area Sales Manager

Optimize customer experience at all your locations. Monitor all stores and branches in real-time. Compare NPS® scores. Keep a bird’s eye view on customer sentiment and key drivers with our platform.

Contact Service Center

Turn your front-line agents into efficient problem solvers. View individual customer journeys. Use our platform to quickly resolve customer issues, reduce churn, and inspire loyalty across all your contact centers.