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How our Life Insurance client built an insights focused CX program from the ground up

A case study about how Numr built a CXM program for a life insurance company.

Our client on whom this case study is based is a life insurance company in India. They wanted to optimize their customer experience. To do this, they needed a strong CX program built on the ‘Voice of the customer’.

Previously, they were collecting feedback data through surveys but it wasn’t focused on obtaining actionable insights. Therefore, they were looking for a holistic, insights-led, organization-wide CX program.

They chose Numr because,

“Compared to other vendors, Numr had the perfect mix of the capability, quality, price, and skill we wanted.”


There were several challenges our client wanted to overcome. The main ones being-

1. Establish a CX initiative from the ground up

2. Uncover granular insights from customer feedback and utilize them for everyday decision making

3. Recover high value detractors

4. Inculcate customer-centricity in their organization

The Numr Solution

STEP 1- Set up the surveys

To increase response rate and reduce survey fatigue, our survey format was as follows.

Net Promoter Score Rating + Open Comment Box + Drilldowns

Out of a total of 8 transactional touchpoints, the first one that our client wanted to prioritize was ‘Policy Issuance’.

STEP 2- Map customer journeys

We teamed up to keenly understand the entire journey of a customer when issuing a policy. Some of the drilldowns we evaluated were-

 Helpfulness of the agent

 Documentation

 Time it took to issue a policy

 Ease of issuing a policy, and more

This allowed our client to discover key issues around ‘Policy Issuance.’

STEP 3- Data analysis and insights

Once the survey results starting pouring in, we used our dynamic dashboards for real-time reporting. The dashboards, along with consultancy support made it easier for our client to understand their customer data.

We measured T-NPS for all touchpoints, such as, welcome call, QRC, Premium Payments, Policy Issuance, etc.

Using Drivers analysis, we discovered the touchpoint that had the largest impact on our client's NPS®- Policy Issuance. Subsequently, they allocated maximum resources to prioritize ‘Policy Issuance’, as per our recommendation.

STEP 4- Comment Analysis

Numr Sense AI analyzed hundreds of comments to understand emerging issues. From the comments “General and Policy Information’ emerged as an area of concern. This coincided with the result of our drivers analysis- that ‘Policy Issuance’ is a major touchpoint.

Then, we further drilled down into the data to investigate which customer segment was most dissatisfied with ‘Policy Issuance’.

DISCOVERY- We found that HNI customers (high-value customers) had lower ‘policy purchase satisfaction’ compared to their non-HNI counterparts.

This was a problem.

Through regression analysis, we discovered that ‘Responsiveness’ and ‘Contactibity’ were the attributes causing the most dissatisfaction.


 Our client used this insight and deployed specific query redressal systems for their HNI customers to increase satisfaction.

 Using direct customer feedback and insights, they improved the ease of paying premiums to improve customer satisfaction.

 They also recovered high-value detractors by solving outer loop issues.

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