A Case Study on Harnessing RNPS Insights to Drive Customer Satisfaction and Business Growth



- Implemented AI-driven RNPS survey
- Conversational format for depth in feedback
- Integrated insights into strategic operations


- Elevated customer satisfaction metrics
- Direct correlation with increased revenue streams
- Strategic enhancements in product and service offerings based on customer insights


In the bustling sphere of urban commute, customer experience has emerged as a pivotal factor in shaping business success. Amidst this landscape, Numr Inc., a trailblazer in customer experience management, embarked on a transformative collaboration with a leading urban commute innovator. This partnership was fueled by the need to deeply understand and enhance customer

experiences. The challenge was not just about gathering feedback but integrating it meaningfully into business strategies to drive tangible financial outcomes. This case study unfolds the journey of how Numr's unique AI-driven approach, with a focus on in-depth conversational insights, revolutionized the client's approach to customer experience, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

The Challenge

The challenge facing the urban commute company was multifaceted. They needed to effectively integrate customer feedback into their business operations, a task made complex by the dynamic nature of urban transportation. The bigger hurdle, however, was establishing a clear link between changes in customer experience and financial outcomes. In an industry driven by customer satisfaction, understanding and predicting customer behavior was crucial. The company sought a solution that would not only gather customer insights but also translate them into actionable strategies with measurable financial impacts. This challenge laid the groundwork for Numr's innovative approach.

The Solution

Numr's solution was a bespoke, AI-powered conversational RNPS (Relationship Net Promoter Score) survey that signified the foundational phase of the customer experience program's expansion. As the primary step, the RNPS survey is crucial for laying the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey. It highlights specific areas needing improvement, thus serving as a roadmap for the program's future development.

Building upon this foundation, the RNPS survey outcomes guide the establishment of various listening posts, designed to monitor and enhance customer interactions at identified touchpoints.

These listening posts, supported by transactional programs, offer real-time feedback during customer interactions, acting as leading indicators. The immediacy of these transactional programs is vital, as they reflect changes in customer perceptions and experiences within a 6-9 month period in the RNPS results, allowing for swift adjustments and continuous improvements in the customer experience strategy. This approach ensures that investments in customer experience are strategically aligned for maximum effectiveness and financial benefit.


The implementation of the Relationship Net Promoter Score (RNPS) within the customer experience program was a pivotal moment for the urban commute company. The strategy involved sending out a carefully crafted conversational survey to customers on the anniversary of their vehicle purchase, leveraging the emotional significance of the occasion. The survey's design encouraged customers to share in-depth feedback about their year-long journey with the vehicle, encompassing both the highs and lows. This feedback provided critical insights, enabling the company to identify precise areas for improvement and to foster stronger emotional connections with the brand. The implementation phase included robust analysis and integration of this feedback into operational strategies, marking a significant step towards enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The analysis of the RNPS survey revealed that the Service network and Charging infrastructure were primary drivers of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). A significant finding was the correlation between service satisfaction and NPS: a 10-point increase in satisfaction with the service network correlated with a 7-point increase in the NPS. Within the service aspect, the quality of repairs and the helpfulness of technicians emerged as the most influential factors.

With these insights, the company now has clear metrics to track in their Transactional programs. Monitoring and improving these specific aspects of service will be crucial for ensuring steady progress in enhancing customer perceptions about servicing, ultimately contributing to a continuous growth in the overall NPS.


With Numr's guidance, the company is developing transactional programs that effectively track the customer effort required for bike repairs and servicing. This initiative is a critical part of their comprehensive customer experience strategy. By monitoring customer interactions on their platform, these programs aim to identify which aspects of repair or service encourage more frequent showroom visits. This insight is pivotal in establishing a clear financial link between the ease of repair and customer return rates for servicing. This integrated

approach, crafted and built with Numr's expertise, not only enhances the service experience but also fosters a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement. The RNPS survey identifies key areas for enhancement, the transactional program quantifies the financial impact, and strategic investments based on these insights lead to an increase in both RNPS scores and financial performance, completing the loop of a data-driven customer experience enhancement strategy.


The collaborative endeavor between Numr Inc. and the urban commute company showcases a breakthrough in linking customer experience with tangible financial growth. By harnessing the power of conversational AI to tap into customer emotions and predict behaviors, Numr has carved a path for businesses to align strategic actions with customer needs. The case illustrates a successful synthesis of technology and customer insight, setting a new benchmark for customer experience retail, promising a more connected, customer-centric shopping experience.

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