Contact/Service Centers

Deliver exceptional experience across your contact centers. Quickly resolve customer complaints to reduce churn and inspire loyalty. With Numr’s AI-powered insights and recommendation, transform your ground staff into efficient problems solvers.

We integrate with your CRM to give you a complete view of your customer journeys. Numr Sense AI automatically analyses customer opinion and trends to tell you where to focus resources for maximum impact.

Measure store health

Quickly understand what’s going on in your contact center. Our platform gives you a real-time view of your store, allowing you to resolve issues and decrease churn. Gain deeper insight into store experience and increase operational efficiency, all on one platform.

Discover key drivers

Identify what’s driving purchase decisions and customer satisfaction at store level. Optimize drivers with the highest impact to boost sales. Numr furnishes your frontline with recommendations and improvements that have the strongest impact on your bottom-line.

Alert management for close looping

Get automated alerts whenever a customer has had a bad experience. NumrSense AI analyzes comments, chat logs, surveys to pin-point emerging issue. This gives you the power take immediate action on negative feedback by prioritizing close looping.

View individual customer journeys

Listen to every single customer across multiple channels and touchpoints. From sale to installation to support-call to service, monitor all interactions from our platform to drive targeted action.

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