Grow with high ROI Insights

Turn insights into action and action into revenue. Identify key drivers that impact the top-line. Prioritize action plans with the highest ROI.

Statistical analysis made easy​

Powered by artificial intelligence, Numr makes statistical analysis accessible for everyone. Our platform automatically does the analysis for you. In short, we directly furnish you with insights that you can use to develop action plans with the highest ROI. ​

Identify key areas that impact your revenue

See the tangible financial impact of improving your customer experience. Numr utilizes higher order statistical analysis to identify areas that have the strongest influence on your financials. Prioritize improvements/efforts based on their predicted impact.​

Stop high-value customers from leaving

Get notified about high-value customers who are most likely to churn in the near future. Numr Sense AI accurately predicts customer churn based on historical satisfaction scores. Deploy close-looping mechanism to retain at-risk, platinum customers directly from our platform.

Monitor the impact of interactions on Brand​

Understand how customer experience across the entire customer corridor (social, touchpoints, website etc.) influences your brand value in real-time.​

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