Optimize your partners/sales channels

Create a strong relationship with your channels/partners. Stand out in the crowded market by obtaining consumer opinion directly from the retailers. Use insights about purchase behavior to boost consumer engagement and brand value.

Numr periodically surveys your partners to ensure that your sales process runs smoothly. With a seamless integration with your CRM, we give you a real-time, 360 degree view of all your channels. Our AI-powered platform furnishes you with recommendations to strengthen and differentiate your brand.

Optimize your channels/partners

Strengthen your relationships with your vendors, wholesalers, and retailers. Use P-NPS® or Partner NPS® to track satisfaction and evaluate your company’s relationship with these key stakeholders. Prevent churn and grow your share with our AI-powered insights.

Obtain consumer feedback

Raise consumer engagement with your brand. With quick flash polls, obtain feedback on new products and gain insight into consumer buying patterns.

Protect your brand

Protect your brand with pulse surveys. Directly ask your retailers marketing questions about the uptake of a new product, inventory details, competitor’s products, and more. Form effective sales and marketing strategies based on this data.

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