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NUMR - The easiest NPS software in the world

Numr’s NPS software gives you the power to run a high-ROI NPS program in 3 easy steps. Unlike legacy softwares, you can collect and analyze customer feedback in real-time to obtain hidden insights.

We do the heavy-lifting for you

Numr’s NPS software is a fully managed system. Send NPS surveys and AI-insights and recommendations directly on our real-time dashboards.

A flexible NPS software for all your CX needs

Numr’s Net Promoter Score software is simple yet powerful. You can run your entire CX program in 3 easy steps.

Step 1- Listen

Collect customer feedback across all touchpoints by sending NPS surveys.

20 Second Customer Feedback

Obtain granular feedback in just 2 questions and 20 seconds of your customers’ time. We use NPS® and a comment box to capture real-time customer opinion.

Our AI engine automatically categorizes customer comments using learning across millions of surveys, saving you time and manpower.

Step 2- Analyze

Measure and analyze survey results directly from our easy-to-use, real-time dashboards.

Visual dashboards for key insights

Our dashboards break down complex customer data and insights into visual graphs for easy reporting. Segment and slice customer feedback any way you like. Identify key drivers behind customer satisfaction.
Create role-based reports for everyone from the executives to the frontline.

Step 3- Act

Recover customers directly from our platform

Turn bad experiences into customer success with Numr’s NPS software. Customer recovery is the main goal behind collecting and analyzing feedback.

Set alerts, predict churn, and close the loop

We integrate with your CRM to send automated alerts whenever a customer gives a negative feedback. Raise hot tickets and transfer them to the concerned team for quick resolution without even leaving our NPS platform.

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Net Promoter Score- one metric, many insights

NPS is one of the most common and effective customer experience metric in the entire world. With Numr’s Net Promoter Score software, you can

Seamless Integration

Numr’s Net Promoter Score software seamlessly integrates with your current process

Initiate Surveys By Connecting To CRM

Send Surveys Without Sharing PII ​ (Personally Identifiable Information)

Open APIs To Securely Send Surveys

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