Tightly integrate with your workflow​

Numr seamlessly integrates with your current processes. Save valuable time and break down data silos by connecting your feedback data with your CRM.

Our system integrators work with your tech team to create seamless integrations with your CRM. Numr's open architecture/ public APIs help us interact with any system, thereby keeping things 100% flexible on your end.​

Initiate surveys by connecting to CRM database

Populate your CRM data sources with customer experience insights. Empower service center agents and account managers to view and act on customer feedback directly from your CRM. Resolve issues thoroughly and close new deals quickly, with access to relevant information

Open APIs to securely send surveys

Numr’s open architecture makes it easy to interact with other systems. Integrate your customer feedback with your CRM and automatically send event-based surveys. ​

Send surveys without sharing PII ​ (Personally identifiable information)

Use your own email/SMS gateways to deliver surveys without sharing customer details/PII. Send trigger-based transactional surveys while protecting your customers’ private details.

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