Deliver consistent experience across all your franchises. Monitor NPS® score, customer satisfaction trends, and emerging issues, all from one platform.

Numr CX integrates with your CRMs to give you a quick yet comprehensive view of customer opinion across all your franchises. Numr Sense AI automatically analyzes all customer comments to pinpoint issues impacting your NPS® score.

Compare stores, franchises or branches

Our store scorecards give you a bird’s eye view of all your stores. Compare satisfaction, staff efficiency, response rate across your stores. Discover stores with the highest profitability and the factors driving it. Replicate it in other stores to boost revenue.

Analyze customer comments

Discover what you customers are saying with Numr Sense AI. Our dashboard shows you the volume and impact of various customer comments in real-time. Find out emerging issues and their subsequent impact on NPS®. Set automatic alerts for high impact categories to increase sales.

Monitor alerts and response rate

Keep a quick eye on the volume of alerts your stores are generating. Check response rate and issue resolution. Our platform also shows you the trend for NPS® score and alerts in real-time.

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