A flawless system for Customer Recovery

Turn bad experience into customer success. Inspire unwavering loyalty in unhappy customers by quickly resolving their issues. Predict churn, target at-risk customers and provide a differentiated service to your platinum customers, all on one platform.

We integrate with your CRM to send you automated alerts whenever your customer has a bad experience across any physical or digital touchpoint. Our alert management system empowers you to close the feedback loop without even leaving the platform.

Alert management (AMS) for close looping

Build stronger relationships with your customers by resolving issues quickly. Get automated alerts whenever a customer has a bad experience, across multiple physical and digital touchpoints. Numr Alerts gives you the power to take immediate action on customer feedback by prioritize close looping and closure of hot trouble tickets.

Get Sentiment Based Alerts

Get sentiment based alerts and resolves issues proactively to delight unhappy customers. Numr Sense AI analyses each feedback/comment to create a sentiment score. Every time a score is lower than the threshold, you instantly get an alert.

Communicate with your customers directly from Numr

Go from negative feedback to quick resolution with Numr. Raise hot tickets for negative response, transfer them to the concerned team, and get in touch with customers to close the loop without even leaving the platform.

Build customized business rules for various customer segments

Set up customized rules based on customer segments. Build separate workflows for high-priority customers to keep them happier. Set up automated trouble tickets whenever a strong, emotive word such as ‘fraud’, ‘cheat’ is mentioned in the comments.

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