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Build Long-Lasting, Profitable Relationships With Your Customers.

Life Insurance is a field marked by fierce competition and little differentiation, which means- Experience is everything. Use feedback to increase acquisition, loyalty and customer lifetime value with NumrCXM.

We help you

  • Identify and close experience gaps to retain high-value, unhappy customers
  • Acquire new customers by celebrating your Promoters

Case Study: Mobilize CX in the Life Insurance Industry

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Numr provides an agile, innovative CX solution that makes working in a collaborative fashion easy. We are a complex organisation with offices in around 21 countries. Numr clearly understood our requirements. Their consultancy service along with their cutting edge platform is what attracted us to them.

–Noah Roychowdhury, Head of Customer Intelligence, Colt Technology Services

What appealed to us about Numr was its consultative approach from pitching till the completion of the project and also a tech-driven and agile platform that it had to offer. We were also excited about Numr’s understanding of our cross-category business and felt extremely comfortable with the team from day-one. They provided us with valuable insights and helped us get the most out of our NPS program.

– Sonali Madbhavi, Quikr

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