Optimize customer experience at every location. Track all your stores and branches in real-time. Monitor local NPS® scores, customer sentiment, and key drivers at a single glance. Compare store performance across various regions and tailor experience to suit local needs.

We integrate with your CRM processes to show you a real-time picture of customer sentiment and emotion. Our AI-powered platform uses Text Analytics to analyze comments and identify attributes with the highest impact on sales.

Monitor every location

Monitor all your stores/branches in real-time. Understand the sales process across all your locations at a single glance. Deliver consistent experience using real-time customer information and data-backed recommendations.

Identify high impact attributes

Track performance and prioritize attributes with the highest impact on revenue. Our AI-powered platform uses advanced statistical analysis to show how your performance across various attributes impacts your NPS® score in real-time.

Select any cut of data with our dynamic dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard allows you to make infinite comparisons using various data cuts. Compare performance on the basis of location, NPS® scores, customer type, alerts generated, and more.

Comment analysis to understand key themes

Discover key themes and their impact on NPS®. Prioritize and set alerts for high impact themes to boost revenue. Our platform automatically analyzes thousands of customer comments to identify emerging issues, thereby giving you the power to take proactive action.

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