Evaluate your Advertisements

Calculate the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Test your ad with a sample of your target audience to discover how it fares against your competition’s ads. Identify how it will impact your brand awareness, perception and revenue. Find the ad with the highest ROI in a matter of minutes.​

Calculate the impact of your ad on brand health​

Numr helps you discover the impact of your ad on your brand. We do this by comparing your brand perception, as per people who have seen your ad vs those who haven't.  Using detailed surveys and speed of responses, we help you understand the instinctive feelings that your ad inspires. ​

Calculate the impact of your ad on brand health

Understand how your ads will influence your short and long-term sales post launch. Optimize your ads to drive engagement, build awareness, and leave a lasting impression. Numr leverages passive face recognition to calculate ad impact and enjoyment quotient. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions and choose ads/ad concept with the highest ROI.​

Measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign

See how effective your ad campaign will be before you launch it. Make data-driven decisions and launch your campaign with confidence. With Numr, measure the impact of your campaign on various business areas, such as sales, brand awareness, brand strength, and more.

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